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Silage Baling Film Machine

The advantages of using silage baling film machine...



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The advantages of using silage baling film machine:
silage baling film machine
1.The fresh forage grass has high water content, good palatability and easy digestion, but it is not easy to reverse and easy to rot. After silage, compared with green feed fresh and green, nutrients will not only not reduce, but also have a kind of aromatic sour taste, stimulate the appetite of domestic animals, increase feed intake, and have a good urging effect on the growth and development of pigs, cattle and sheep.
silage baling film machine
2.In addition to a large number of corn, sweet potato silage raw materials, there are grass, vegetables, leaves and some agricultural products, such as sunflower head, Jerusalem artichoke stalk and so on. After silage, odors and nutrients can be removed. Such as potato fresh feed, cassava should not be a large number of fresh food, silage can be eaten.
3.Adjust the forage supply period, the peak season can not be eaten, the forage, the feed is easy to rot, the lack of green feed in the Yingseason, silage can be supplied all year round, which is conducive to increasing the production talent of cattle and sheep.
silage baling film machine
4.Silage is an economical way to reverse the green feed. Silage can make the total nutrient harvested per unit area reach a higher value and reduce the waste of nutrients.
silage baling film machine
5. It is convenient to realize mechanized operation harvesting, transportation and storage, reduce labor degree and increase work conclusion rate.
6.To treat the pests of corn, sorghum and some pests of forage, silage can kill the eggs and bacteria, reduce the occurrence and spread of plant pests.
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