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Toothpick News

Toothpick making machine with price in nigeria

Time:2022-09-10 15:09 Views:

In Nigeria, toothpicks are imported goods subject to foreign exchange control. Due to foreign exchange control, import trade procedures are numerous and transaction costs rise. This is a sad thing for a supplier of toothpicks to export to Nigeria. But it is good news for local Nigerian investors. Because Nigeria is rich in bamboo and wood resources, there is no shortage of raw materials. To make toothpicks, you only need to import a set of toothpick making machines from Everfit, you can produce toothpicks yourself, and you can also avoid foreign competitors. So many Nigerian toothpick investors are very concerned about a problem: Toothpick making machine with price in nigeria
wooden toothpick making machine

According to the different raw materials, it is divided into: bamboo toothpick making machine and wooden toothpick making machine. Bamboo toothpick making machine is a toothpick production line composed of 9 different machines, and wooden toothpick machine is composed of 8 different machines. The prices of these machines fluctuate slightly according to market conditions, and different machines can be matched and customized according to the customer's choice, so the prices cannot be unified.

Another thing to note is that usually the price of the toothpick machine does not include shipping costs. Toothpick machines are usually shipped from China to Nigeria by sea, and the shipping cost fluctuates greatly, so please consult Everfit for real-time prices when purchasing toothpick machines.
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