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Technical literature

Multi-functional Cleaning Machine Ttechnical Parameters

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1.Product use
Multi-functional bubble cleaning machine using bubble water bath cleaning, the fruit and vegetable food using bubble surfing and water cycle cleaning, mainly cleaning to remove sediment and other attachments on the product. Under the joint operation of bubble, surf, lift and spray, the equipment has the characteristics of clean height, energy saving and water saving, stable and reliable equipment. Suitable for all kinds of fruits, vegetables (fresh vegetables, pickled vegetables, fungi) aquatic products, medicine cleaning, can be customized according to the size of production, equipment using high-quality stainless steel material, in line with food hygiene standards.
The material enters the body, opens the air pump device, and under the action of high pressure water flow and strong bubbles, the bubbles are strongly impacted on the surface of the object, and the material is fully dispersed, rolled, cleaned and transmitted. Heavy dirt such as sediment on the material will fall into the precipitation area below the net strip after being separated, and will not cause re-pollution due to overturning and backflow.
Through the water circulation of the circulating pump, the impurities enter the filter box, remove most of the impurities, and improve the cleaning effect; Other floating materials flow out of the main tank through the overflow system, and the material is gradually moved to the conveyor belt under the push of water, and is lifted out of the inner tank body, and then washed by spray, the material is washed twice, and enters the following process. In the process of upgrading, the water spray pipe is sprayed again to further clean the product, and at the same time to ensure the cleanliness of the product, it can timely supplement the water source in the equipment tank, ensure the cleanliness of the water source in the equipment, and achieve the cleaning effect. After the cleaning is completed, lift out the inner tank and enter the next process.
During the working process, the medium water is filtered out by the filter tank after the impurities are filtered by the circulating pump to the main tank body, so as to realize the recycling and reuse of water, which saves energy and environmental health; The spray pipe in the upper part of the lifting part always supplies water, so that the sewage in the tank is gradually replaced.
2.Working principle and characteristics
 The equipment is composed of bubble cleaning section, tank body, lifting section, air pump, water pump, overflow port and other main parts.
 Except motor, bearing and other standard parts of the equipment are made of stainless steel SUS304 material, fully in line with export food hygiene requirements.
 The climbing and lifting section is provided with a secondary spraying device, which can wash and spray the cleaned products for a second time. The water source is tap water.
 The feeding end is equipped with a push device, the Angle is adjustable, so that the material in the tank to form convection, the product can be cleaned more thoroughly, the product speed up.
 The machine is equipped with an inner tank device, which can wash the inner tank through the side clearance, and the sediment remaining at the bottom of the tank is cleaned more cleanly.
3. Product technical parameters
                   Item                                                   contents
      Length/width/height                           4100*1420*1440mm
     Air pump power                                 1.5KW
     Water pump power                             0.75KW
     Transmission power                           0.75KW
     The conveying speed                         manually adjustable
      Effective width of conveyor belt        600mm
     Conveyor belt material                       304 stainless steel
      Power supply voltage                        380V
      Equipment material                           SUS304 stainless steel
      Plate thickness main tank body         2.0mm
4. Equipment outline diagram
                                       (The above picture is for reference only, the specific size shall prevail)
5. Working steps:
① Place the device on a stable ground and adjust the footing.
② Check whether the components of the device are in good condition. After the check, connect the power cable to the power distribution box, connect the water inlet pipe, and make the water reach the overflow water level.
③ Open the air blast, circulating water pump, conveying network belt, at this time the network belt begins to operate, the cleaning machine bubbling, high pressure water spray start.
④Pour the material into the sieve plate and adjust the speed of the circulating conveyor belt according to the different materials to ensure the residence time of the material in the water to ensure that the material is cleaned more thoroughly.
⑤ After cleaning, lift the material to the water spraying area. After spraying and cleaning, the material flows into the frame through the conveyor belt for use.
⑥ Put the products to be cleaned into the cleaning machine, and automatically pass out the cleaning equipment after cleaning, and do a good job of product collection.
6. Conditions of Use (User's own equipment)
                               Item                                            contents
            Total power consumption             ≥3KW/ voltage 380V/ frequency 50HZ
           Connect the self-provided power cable to the power distribution box of the device.
          The cleaning water demander shall connect the water to the water inlet of the equipment.
The demander is responsible for the drainage (sewage) part from the sewage outlet of the equipment to the sewer.
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